David Martin Tucker

(Spanish Interpreter)


Serving the Denver, Colorado Metro area
Available for International Travel

Dear Potential Client:

Delivering exemplary, accurate English/Spanish interpretation for clientele across diverse business, legal, medical, and community sectors has been the hallmark of my career. Over the past 10+ years, I have assisted many businesses and organizations with accurate interpretations that have proven critical to their communication requirements.

Here are a few examples of how my interpreter services have contributed to the success of my clients:

  • I have accurately translated such written documents as: marriage/birth certificates, company documents, school records, police reports, autopsies, and court/legal documents.
  • I have worked to bridge the communication gap between Workers’ Compensation claimants and insurance company representatives.
  • I have put my skills to work to provide full comprehension of court proceedings and rulings for families of litigants in critical court cases.
  • I have partnered with medical offices to liaise between patients and physicians to ensure proper diagnosis of symptoms and to explain medication and treatment information.
  • I provided quality control oversight and English/Spanish interpretation for a global industry leader in telecommunications.

I attribute much of my success to the fact that I possess a strong understanding of Spanish culture, which enables me to accurately read body language and interpret nuances that may otherwise have gone unnoticed by another interpreter.

In addition to holding a Bachelor degree in Spanish, I undertook further study to enhance my skills including: Personalized Spanish School, Tres Rios, Costa Rica; LIVIT Spanish School, Puebla, Mexico; IXCHEL Spanish School, Antigua, Guatemala; Minerva Spanish School, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and the Southern California School of Interpreting.

For a more detailed illustration of my skills and experience, please contact me to learn more about my services.

Copyright 2012, David Martin Tucker
Translated into Spanish by: Giovany Rodríguez Monsalve