David Martin Tucker, CHI™ -- “Spanish David”— Professional Bio                          

Certified Spanish Healthcare Interpreter, CHI™, or “Spanish David” as he is known, is a certified healthcare interpreter whose passion for Latin American culture and language is second only to his desire to become a voice for his Spanish speaking clients. Conveying more than words, David’s continuous thirst for knowledge thrusts him into the culture of his clients. David vibrantly fills his days acquiring new medical knowledge and vocabulary; supplemented by his frequent travels abroad to immerse himself within the idiosyncrasies of the many unique cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

 Not only emphasizing the clarity of medical terminology, David’s robust experience, hard work ethic, and joyful humor negotiates colloquial and localized phrases with practiced ease. Levels of fluency aren’t accomplished overnight, and with David his phenomenal touch is the result of superb interpersonal and communication skills that he’s developed overtime through dedication, a positive attitude, and a love for what he does.  Truly becoming a voice for the Spanish speaker, David brings a honed and perfected flair to the work of interpretation.

David is an honor’s graduate from the Southern California School of Interpreting’s Medical Interpreter Program, and holds bachelor degrees in both Modern Languages (Spanish) and Business from Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Southern Indiana respectively. Further lingual & cultural studies focusing on communication, culture, and medical terminology were accomplished at institutions in Colorado, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala.



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